Announcement: Selected Collaborations from our CRIB Tea Challenge

We are delighted to share the names of three winners of our CRIB Tea Challenge, which took place in celebration of International Tea Day. These exceptional brands will join forces with the Mother and Child-Friendly Seal for Responsible Businesses to tackle the challenges faced by workers and children in their estates or factories.

The Centre has identified the following themes, for which we will extend support in the form of funds (ranging from LKR 500,000 to LKR 1 million) and/or our technical expertise.


Parent and Child Benefit: Expanding initiative for farmers 

In 2022, English Tea Shop Organic introduced a child-benefit initiative aimed at supporting their employees who have children under the age of 16. Through this initiative, the company allocated a monthly benefit that parents could utilise for various purposes such as their child's education, nutrition, or other child-related expenses. The company's investment in this programme demonstrated their commitment to the well-being of their employees' families.

Encouraged by the positive impact of the initiative, English Tea Shop Organic has decided to extend its duration beyond the pilot phase. Furthermore, the company plans to expand this collaboration to include selected farmers from their tea sourcing network. By replicating the child benefit initiative for this group of farmers, English Tea Shop Organic aims to provide additional support to the farming community and contribute to the overall well-being of the families involved.


Promoting Young Women as Field Supervisors

Talawakelle Tea Estates has initiated a skill development and career advancement programme for young women in the tea estates. The objective is to empower women to engage in various roles beyond tea picking and participate in different levels of tea production. The programme encompasses comprehensive training, professional development, and well-defined career progression pathways for the selected women. Collaborating with various stakeholders, the company will develop training materials and ensure effective delivery of the training content. This initiative aims to create opportunities and support the growth of young women as field supervisors in the tea industry.


Menstrual Hygiene Management for Women and Girls

Horana Plantations is introducing an initiative to support women and girls in one estate by establishing a cost-effective unit for producing sanitary products. Additionally, a dedicated library will be established to provide resources on health and hygiene. The company will collaborate with various stakeholders to ensure the successful implementation of this comprehensive initiative.


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Published on 22/06/2023

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