Child Labour Risk Assessments 

The Centre has developed a risk assessment methodology suitable for identifying child labour and other modern slavery risks in suspected hot spots or where there is a suspicion of irregularities such as unauthorised sub-contracting or excessive use of labour agents. This service is particularly suitable for businesses who have, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, reduced their presence in the field, carry out fewer audits, are using mainly third-party auditors, or just need an additional pair of eyes on the ground.  

The risk assessment will be carried out by The Centre’s local expert over the course of one or more days (depending on the scope of the assessment) and will assess and analyse the following key areas: 

  • Supply chain composition and location to spotlight high risk supply chains and areas/hotspots

  • Supplier awareness, systems and capacities for child labour/bonded and forced labour prevention & remediation 

  • Recruitment process and practice, especially processes and capacity for age verification

  • Use and management of labour intermediaries

  • Risks associated with general labour management, such as seasonal fluctuation, labour shortage, HR capacities and personnel documentation 

  • (Risk of) hazardous work and long hours for youth and juvenile workers specifically 

  • Risks or signs of unauthorised sub-contracting

  • Current involvement of children in work (e.g. in agriculture, raw materials or homeworker setting) 


The results of the assessment will be analysed and presented in a report card highlighting the risk levels (high, medium, low) and suggested remediation and monitoring actions to reduce child labour/bonded and forced risks while at the same time strengthening child rights through juvenile and young worker management, migrant parents support etc. 

The child labour risk assessment is available in all of The Centre’s project countries and where The Centre works with accredited service providers.

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