Child Labour Prevention Training 

Why the need for training?

Child labour is an ongoing challenge and is likely to increase significantly due to the ongoing global pandemic as more children drop out of school and families slide deeper into poverty. This translates into more child labour risks in production settings.  

Targeted audience 

The training sessions are suitable for buyers and suppliers in global supply chains. We provide customised training for brand CEOs and representatives, sourcing staff, managers of factories and production sites, HR staff, auditors, production floor managers, community leaders and lower-tier actors. Our training ranges from 2-hour awareness sessions to a full day of training. 

Training objectives

  • To fully understand the underlying causes of child labour and the negative impact on business and society

  • To strengthen knowledge of responsible recruitment, international and local standards, legal provisions and brand requirements

  • To learn best practices in responsible recruitment to prevent child labour and how to enforce these practices amongst business partners (service providers, agents, sub-contractors, sub-suppliers)

  • To possess the know-how to initiate effective child labour prevention mechanisms (e.g. programmes such as child care and after-school centres that can directly prevent children from dropping out of school) 

  • To know how to carry out sustainable and beneficial remediation plans

  • To strengthen the management, training and monitoring of sub-contractors and sub-suppliers 


The training content is tailor-made and adapted to the target group and context of the training. It applies a participatory learning approach where the trainer uses company polices and relevant legislations as the backdrop to the training and includes real-life examples and case studies to illustrate a range of situations and how to handle these. The trainings are interactive, high-energy and active participation is expected from all attendees. 

Training content

The trainings are customised to clients' specific contexts and requirements, but the content below provides a general overview of the standard topics covered:

a) What is Child Labour?

  • Definition and international standards

  • Company/Buyer Code of Conduct and child labour policies, incl. remediation policy What are culturally accepted but illegal/non-practices? 

  • International & local labour laws including legislation for underage workers, student workers and juvenile workers 


b) Ensuring Responsible Recruitment and Child Labour Prevention

  • How to create a solid system for child labour prevention

  • Review supplier’s current recruitment practices and identify key areas for improvement 

  • Implementing effective and responsible recruitment mechanisms for all workers, including dispatched, contracted and juvenile/student workers and age verification 

  • Selection and effective management of labour agents including inherent risks 

  • Creating an efficient and responsible HR system including documentation, contracts etc.


c) Child Labour Remediation 

  • Company/buyer child labour remediation policy and procedure

  • Best practices in child labour remediation: first response, different scenarios and appropriate actions, including response to child labour case in sub-contractor factory 


d) Action Planning (where applicable)

Participants define action plans with a timeline to identify weak links in HR practices, and to map out the child labour remediation process and flowchart with clearly defined responsibilities and resources.



The participants will be provided with a thorough and actionable training session which will be directly helpful in their daily work. The feedback below refers to training for factory managers and HR teams on child labour prevention and remediation. 

How to get started?

Contact us. We can help you set up the right format and scale for this training  – whether you need support for one, two or a hundred factories or production sites or want an effective awareness session around current child labour risks for senior management. This training is available in all of The Centre’s project countries and also for company executives in Europe and the US. 

To date, we have The Centre’s service to highly professional, reliable and efficient, with The Centre always on standby to help gather time-sensitive information, draw up tailored remediation programmes and implement them from start to finish.

(Date: 2021)

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