High-Level Raw Materials Risk Mapping for a Chocolate Producer

The Centre has concluded a high-level raw materials risk mapping for an international chocolate producer, which entailed mapping raw ingredient categories in over 25 sourcing countries and regions. 


Focusing on key human rights and child rights and related environmental risks using the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a framework, the assessment provided a detailed overview of the different risks for each raw material. A further tier of analysis also assessed levels of risks at the country level and relative to SDGs.    


Raw materials assessed in this high-level risk mapping included almonds, apricots, carmine, cocoa, coconuts, gelatine, hazelnuts, liquorice, palm oil, sugar cane and vanilla.   


The final deliverable by The Centre included an overall risk mapping, as well as details on human rights, child rights and relevant environmental risks at the country level and in relation to relevant SDG issue areas. 


The results from this assessment have equipped the chocolate producer with a more detailed understanding of risks at the raw material, country and SDG level, informing responsible sourcing strategies going forward and helping the producer to target and prioritise further action to address identified risks in its raw materials supply chain. 


The Centre conducts a broad range of human rights and child rights risk and impact assessments across a broad range of regions and industry sectors, spanning manufacturing to agriculture. Our assessments are always customisable to ensure they meet your changing needs.


Contact us to discuss how The Centre can support you to strengthen your understanding of risks at different tiers within your supply chain.

Published on 15/12/2021

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