2024 Sri Lanka Seal Challenge Round 1 Launch: Co-Funding Opportunity for Tea Companies to Empower Gender Equality

The Centre for Child Rights and Business and Save the Children are pleased to announce the launch of the first Seal Challenge of 2024. With International Women’s Day on March 8th, Round 1 will centre on the theme of gender.

Last year, we rolled out five Seal Challenges, resulting in funding for 11 concepts. Selected winners included tea estates and smallholders, who turned their innovative ideas into practical actions that continue to positively impact women, children and tea communities. Read this article for a round-up of last year’s Seal Challenge initiatives.  

What is the Seal Challenge? 

The Seal Challenge (formerly known as the CRIB challenge) is an initiative led by The Centre for Child Rights and Business to encourage businesses connected to the tea industry – including plantation companies, brokers, exporters, brands and retailers – to develop or support innovative concept notes that address particular issues or challenges faced by children and families within their business ecosystem, particularly in estates or factories. “Winners” of the Seal Challenge receive either a small funding boost or technical expertise as an incentive to bring their proposed concepts to life.


How to take part

To participate in the Seal challenge and submit your concept note, please use the CRIB online portal on the Mother and Child-Friendly Seal for Responsible Business website. Create your profile on the CRIB portal: Login | CRIB (srilanka-motherandchildseal.org), and upload your concept note under the collaboration space.

Remember to put the title of your concept note as "Seal Challenge 2024 Round 1" along with your company name in the title.

For more information on the Mother and Child-Friendly Seal for Responsible Business Initiative, please visit https://www.srilanka-motherandchildseal.org.


Details on the Seal Challenge 2024 Round 1:

The concept note for the challenge can be submitted under the following sub-categories within the theme of gender:

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Concept note submissions for this challenge can only be made by a company registered in Sri Lanka

  • The duration of the implementation of the proposed initiative should start in April 2024 and go up to November 2024.  

  • There should be at least 50% financial contribution for the proposed initiative, together with human resource investment by the company for the proposed initiative.

The initiative concept note should include the following:

  • Address an issue or challenge identified in one of the six categories mentioned above. Please state clearly and concisely what this issue is and why it is an issue

  • Mention underlying reasons for the issue

  • Ensure your concept includes a clear theory of change

  • Demonstrate that this initiative goes beyond business as usual or regular company initiatives, but rather addresses a specific challenge identified in the mentioned areas

  • While the concept can be part of a larger vision, the proposed initiative should be specific, addressing a particular phase of the larger vision

  • Clearly specify the outputs, results, and indicators of measurement

  • Include a work plan with specific activities and a timeline

  • The budget should indicate the total financial and human resource time required, with a breakdown of the company's contribution and the anticipated contribution from interested stakeholders

  • Briefly describe the sustainability plan for the initiative (e.g. how and when will the initiative become part of company policy and practice)

The Centre for Child Rights and Business will be selecting a few innovative ideas to support through a contribution of either funds (ranging from LKR 500,000 to LKR 1 million) and/or technical expertise. 

Queries on the Seal Challenge:

Should any interested company have questions on the challenge, they can send them to info.SL@childrights-business.org, or post them on the discussion forum on the CRIB portal, with the subject title “Question on the Seal Challenge Round 1” on or before, March 12th noon. Responses to the questions will be shared with all those who reached out as well as posted on the CRIB portal. 

The timeline of the challenge is as follows:

The Mother and Child-Friendly Seal for Responsible Business is a collaborative initiative between The Centre for Child Rights and Business, Save the Children, and key stakeholders in the Sri Lankan tea industry. It aims to improve the well-being of families in Sri Lanka’s tea-growing communities through sustainable and meaningful investments by business entities in the tea supply chain (buyers, brands, plantation companies).

Website: https://www.srilanka-motherandchildseal.org Email: info.SL@childrights-business.org

Published on   06/03/2024
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