Launching a Digital Child Labour Prevention and Remediation Training and Awareness Webinar


The Centre and Quizrr are thrilled to announce the launch of a new child labour prevention and remediation training on Quizrr’s digital learning platform, combining gamified learning material backed with real-time data. Presented in an engaging video animation format, this training supports factory management in understanding children’s rights and implementing best practices for preventing and addressing all forms of child labour. It draws upon real-life examples from The Centre’s experiences, incorporates quizzes to reinforce the learning and data measurement, and offers actionable tips for mitigating child labour risks while ensuring positive outcomes for children in remediation programmes, including young workers involved in hazardous work.


To mark World Day Against Child Labour and celebrate this launch, The Centre and Quizrr are also hosting a complimentary webinar on June 11. This event is tailored for buyers and retailers, offering valuable insights into the latest child labour trends against a backdrop of new human rights due diligence legislation. It will also include a high-level panel discussion on effective strategies for businesses to tackle child labour at scale.




Theme: "Accelerating the Pace of Change: Pushing Forward to Strengthen Child Labour Prevention and Remediation at Scale"

When: June 11, 3:00 p.m. UK/4:00 p.m. CET

Format: Zoom webinar

Who is this webinar for? Brands, retailers and small to medium-sized companies interested in gaining insights on child labour trends and pragmatic approaches to prevention and remediation

Confirmed speakers: Ines Kaempfer, CEO, The Centre for Child Rights and Business, Leanne Melnyk, Head of Impact and Partnerships at Quizrr; Satte Tsao, Head of Vendor Compliance at Li & Fung Limited; Joanna Sylwester, Head of Global Engagement and Partnerships - Social Responsibility, Amazon

How to attend: please register here to attend




Child labour remains a pressing issue despite global efforts, with progress stagnating for the first time in two decades. In 2021, the ILO estimated that 160 million children were engaged in child labour, equating to one in ten children worldwide. Of those in child labour – 73 million children – are in hazardous work that directly endangers their health, safety and moral development. This number is anticipated to be significantly higher in 2024, exacerbated by the pandemic's impact, as well as other geopolitical and economic factors.


Child labour is a pressing issue in a wide range of contexts and regions. Although typically equated with low-income countries with high poverty rates, the rising cases of child labour in the US – particularly among undocumented migrant children working in agriculture, fast-food franchises, meat-packing facilities and other industries – highlights the importance of understanding the nexus between child labour, migration governance and access to decent work.


The most acute risks of child labour often lie within the deeper tiers of the supply chain, especially among subcontractors. Several factors contribute to this, including the informal nature of the sector, limited visibility for businesses, the pursuit of low-cost labour, and ineffective auditing practices. While preventable, addressing child labour requires increased awareness and understanding of effective prevention strategies.


Our new Child Labour Prevention and Remediation Training programme addresses this by offering accessible, scalable knowledge tailored to local contexts. With this new training, we aim to empower stakeholders to tackle child labour effectively.




The curriculum includes the following key topics:


  • Understanding children’s rights and child labour

  • Child labour prevention, with a focus on age verification

  • Child labour remediation for underage workers

  • Remediation for young workers in hazardous work and children on the workfloor




This programme is designed specifically for upper/mid-level managers within supply chains serving global markets, with a focus on Türkiye and Bangladesh.




  • The digital learning course not only offers accessibility and ease but also saves time and resources in the long run

  • By providing an alternative to face-to-face training, it enables managers to engage from any location, at any time

  • Its practical design empowers managers with the necessary knowledge to effectively address child labour issues

  • The course is compatible with all major digital devices, including smartphones, computers, and iPads

  • Existing Quizrr clients who utilize Quizrr’s tablet can seamlessly access the training there as well


Please contact us to find out more or connect with Quizrr directly to access the training.

Published on   08/05/2024
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