The Centre Launches Exclusive Online Platform for CRIB Working Group Members

The Centre is pleased to announce the launch of a new online platform for CRIB Working Group members.


The CRIB Members’ Platform provides exclusive access to a broad range of features and resources on child rights and business issues, including:  


  • A comprehensive resource library with downloadable briefings and publications on child rights and business issues;

  • A child labour data map and alerts section, showing updates on child labour hotspots based and providing real-time alerts on child labour clusters in manufacturing hubs;

  • A clickable infographic to access child labour trends data, including options to browse data from previous years;

  • Downloadable country factsheets sharing key facts related to child rights, including national laws and regulations covering child Labour and child protection.


Other features include a message board where members can post comments, raise questions, and discuss issues related to child rights, an online child labour case referral form, details of child labour case managers, and a directory of CRIB members.  


The platform greatly enhances transparency and collaboration and is as much of an information-sharing portal as it is a tool for engagement. 


About the CRIB Working Group


The Centre’s Working Group is a membership platform comprised of international brands and retailers dedicated to promoting child rights in their supply chains through a collaborative approach. Three times per year, members gather either in-person in Hong Kong or London, or virtually, to gain exclusive insights and updates from The Centre and to share information between members themselves.  


The Working Group provides members with a confidential space to hold open discussions, to forge collaborations and to mutually find solutions to child rights challenges in supply chains. 


To learn more about becoming a member or to listen in to our next Working Group session on a free, one-time trial basis, please contact us


Published on 15/03/2022

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