Homeworkers Worldwide Launch ToolKit for Brands to Find Homeworkers in Supply Chains

Homeworkers Worldwide and Cividep India, in collaboration with Traidcraft Exchange, under the EU co-funded Hidden Homeworkers Project has launched a toolkit to help businesses (and organisations working with them) improve transparency about homeworking within their supply chains.


Homeworkers, mainly women, are often engaged in informal tiers of apparel and footwear supply chains beyond the factory. Their precarious employment, out of sight of auditors and inspectors, combined with weak or absent legal protections, put them at risk of exploitation, and they have some of the worst pay and conditions of any workers in the value chain. The lack of visibility of homeworkers hampers the ability of international Brands and retailers to address the issues of homeworkers within their own supply chains.


The Centre also contributed insights to the toolkit development and participated in a panel discussion during the toolkit launch on October 5, 2021. 


Visit Homeworkers Worldwide’s website here to download the toolkit.

Published on   22/10/2021
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