The Centre's Rapid Child Labour Risk Assessment in Line with the CSDDD

We are proud to present The Centre's Rapid Child Labour Risk Assessment, a solution designed to support companies in addressing the challenges posed by the new EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD or CS3D). This assessment serves as a crucial tool to map businesses' direct and indirect impacts on children and understand the needs of parent workers and children involved in their supply chains.


The EU's Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) is more than just another ESG-related regulation. It provides stakeholders with increased visibility into major companies' operations and supply chains, focusing on human rights and environmental due diligence. Compliance with the EU's ESG legislation is crucial for companies worldwide to avoid limitations on business relationships, restricted market access, compromised competitiveness, and unpreparedness for future regulations.


The CSDDD aims to compel companies to address negative impacts on human rights and the environment through due diligence. It applies to EU and non-EU companies based on size, turnover, and high-impact sectors, indirectly affecting SMEs. Companies must identify, prevent, mitigate, and account for impacts within their operations, subsidiaries, and value chains. They are also required to establish effective complaint procedures for stakeholders and integrate due diligence into their strategies. Directors have a duty to consider human rights, climate change, and environmental consequences when making decisions in the company's best interest.


Since 2019, we have successfully conducted over 100 assessments for 95 clients across various industries within global supply chains. Our assessment goes beyond the identification of child labour risks and examines critical impact areas that significantly affect child rights, including workers' income, working hours, social security and healthcare, childcare needs and gaps, access to education, and living conditions. By deep-diving into policies and practices through a child rights lens, businesses can implement improvements within their supply chains that not only benefit workers, families, and children but also yield positive business outcomes.


Our report provides an easy-to-read, on-screen summary for each factory, presenting key results on both impact and risk categories in accordance with ISO and OECD guidelines. It includes an analytical framework and recommended actions to guide companies in addressing identified issues and establishing a sustainable framework for their operations.


Each industry, commodity, and setting is unique. That's why our assessment is applicable and adaptable to various sectors, commodities, and settings, ensuring its relevance and effectiveness in addressing child labour risks specific to your business.


The Centre's Rapid Child Labour Risk Assessment can support companies in increasing transparency and visibility into their supply chains, an important step for anyone implementing the CSDDD, and a first concrete action towards improving the lives of children impacted by international supply chains. 

Published on   22/09/2023
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